Dear Brazos Valley Kidz Academy,

This letter is to express to all the staff at Brazos Valley Kidz Academy my absolute gratitude for such a heart-warming welcome given to my little girls during their stay. Both my girls were attending the Kidz Academy between 2012 and 2013. From the time they started going to the time they left I was truly pleased with what they had learned academically as well as conduct. I do not recommend anyone that I won’t work with myself especially when it comes to my kids. Just the other day Elicalia asked why I had to take her out and start school. She was looking forward to the activities done in the next age group class room. I have been asked what rate I would place Kidz Academy from 1 to 10, of coarse a 10. Thank you again for caring for the kids as if they were your own.

Martha Mendoza
Sales Account Manager, Brazos Valley Communications



I have nothing but positive feed back when it comes to this center. My youngest son attended the center since he was 2 months old, as a parent of a new born of course I had my concerns as any parent’s due . when I took a tour for the first time, I knew right away “ Brazos Valley Kidz Academy” was the best place for him. Once he started  I felt as if I was taking him to a close family member as oppose to a daycare center as every teacher there has a special bond with each child, at one point I got a little jealous as my child wouldn’t want to come home with me at the end of the day J .  The facility is always very well clean and maintained which is a big plus, the food given to the kids is “ super yummy” as my son would say. They taught him to be very well mannered praying for his food that was prepared, using please and thank you , how to share and use his words when something was wrong all of these things he uses everyday and will continue to use in everyday life. My son is now 4 years old and will be starting kindergarten the next academic year, he has grown to be such an Amazing boy with the guidance and support from a wonderful team. The whole experience is more then expected and is not comparable to any other center. For anyone looking for a daycare center for their kids “BRAZOS VALLEY KIDZ ACADEMY” is and always will be my # 1 choice.

** A special Thank’s!! to all of the staff that helped with Angel. I couldn’t have asked for anything more then the love you all gave him each and every day.


Laura Benitez